A(nother) Beginning


noun, the eighth month of the year

adjective, respected and impressive

It is not surprising that the month of my birth is a time of reflection. I have many more regrets than I care to admit and I’m sure many more accomplishments that I brush off too quickly. And this year, I find myself having difficulty putting my thoughts into words. Or maybe it is more that I am hesitant… because writing it makes it real and hard to avoid.

Turning 30 went good for me. Turning 31, not so much. Still working on how I’m handling turning 32.

Part of me still feels like I’m pretending to be an adult, just waiting for someone to call me out. Another part of me sees the age, slowing realizing that I can’t really make up for not being “young” enough when I had the chance. I can spend hours listing my regrets over the past few years. But as I titled this post, this is more about a beginning.

This year will be about making more good choices than bad, about making more of an effort to take care of me (finally). About growing up but staying young at heart. To be a little bit more fearless and open.

Because, August.



Muscle Memory

I have decided that the best way to keep me honest about this “get healthier” routine is to post my accomplishments (and set backs) here. I never been one to post my daily food intake or the workouts I am doing. But obviously, that did not keep me in shape. Instead, I am setting up accountability, and more for my benefit than for your amusement.

To give a little background, I have started swimming again. I forgot how much I enjoyed it.

Some of my fondest memories of swimming was at the Schofield Barracks pool. My friends and I were part of the exclusive club (not really, just swim team) that got to swim past closing hours. Everyday, at 5 o’clock, the bugle would sound and the flag lowered, and we would take to the water for our practice. It was hard work, but filled with laughter.

We got to swim in the rain, which is nicer than it sounds. Got to swim long after the sun went down. And just swim and swim.

The pool I am using now is adequate, but definitely not the Olympic size pool of my youth. But it’s there and serves its purpose.

People tell me that swimming is a good way to relax and calm down. They have not seen me swim. I’m still in that mindset that I can be faster. I can be more streamline. I have to force myself to float down the lane in order to warm down. Otherwise, I’ll just keep going.

And here, the boring part of the post – my workouts for the week. I’m still building up. My goals are to increase my endurance and speed, and for longer duration overall. I want to be able to swim a mile by next year.

Without further ado…

Wednesday, December 5, 2012
4×50 Freestyle
2×50 Breaststroke
4×50 Kick – Scissor
4×50 Freestyle

Friday, December 7, 2012
4×50 Freestyle
4×50 Medley (Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke, Freestyle)
4×50 Kick – Medley
2×50 Pulls – Freestyle
1×50 Pulls – Backstroke
1×50 Pulls – Choice
2×50 Warm Down
Total time: 34 minutes