Exchange Music Project Update…

Do not worry – I have not forgotten about this idea.  School is keeping me busy, but that’s no reason to not give you all homework.

The theme to this exchange is simple enough: Soundtrack to Your Life.  Make a list of songs that tells the story of your life – where you’ve been, where you want to be, what you do.  If that’s too much, then just a soundtrack for your day.

But, if you’re anything like me, you’ll need more direction to figure out your CD playlist. So, I offer this basic outline:

  1. Opening Credits:
  2. Waking Up:
  3. Life is Good:
  4. Secret Love:
  5. Quiet Moment:
  6. Falling In Love:
  7. Time with Friends:
  8. Breaking Up:
  9. Mental Breakdown:
  10. Driving:
  11. Flashback:
  12. Happy Dance:
  13. Regretting:
  14. “Fight” Song:
  15. Moment of Triumph:
  16. The Last Scene
  17. End Credits:

**This is just a suggestion for a track list – you don’t have to follow it. If you want to present your songs in another way, you’re more than welcome.

    Rules and guidelines:

    • It seems that the average CD will hold 17 songs, so try to keep the track numbers between 15 and 18.
    • As much as we all have favorite bands or favorite artists, think diversity.  At maximum, only have a max of two songs from the same band/artist.  If, for example, your favorite band broke up and old members started a new band, then three songs max from both bands.
    • Tracklist with the name of the song and the artist.  Simple list, numbered in order of the tracks on the CD.  Following each track, you can write something about why you chose the song.  Each “playlist” will be featured during the time the songs are available.

      That’s it for now.  Questions? Comments? Cookies? Comment or @ me on Twitter.

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      A Proposition: Twitter Music Exchange

      This idea was borne from a conversation about music block – a phase where you realize that you’re growing tired of the same songs repeating on your music player, be it your iPod or even the radio.  If you’re like me, you don’t listen to the radio so you don’t know what’s out there, nowadays.  If you’re like me, you pick your music from those random moments you actually hear a “new” song that catches you in an instant.  If you’re like me, you rely on your friends to save you from this stalemate of the same old, same old.

      This is what I propose to get out of this stalemate: a music exchange.  Better yet, this is also an offer to get to know people through music.

      The plan’s simple – each person in the exchange makes a CD of music.  Each CD will be a “soundtrack” of that person’s life.  Use songs to describe moments in your life, like waking up or lessons learned; songs that somehow give a little bit of insight into who you are.  After making the CD, you send it to someone in the exchange. They send theirs to someone else. Every two weeks, we just pass the CDs around until you eventually end up hearing everyone’s soundtrack.

      If there are 17 songs per CD, and 10 people sign up, that’s 153 (potentially) new songs for you to listen to. More people, more songs. And believe me – not everyone listens to the same music so you’re bound to find a gem somewhere in there.

      Anyone interested?  Comment here or @ me on Twitter. And I’ll figure out the logistics after I get a head-count.

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      A Question

      Would twitter folks appreciate being notified that I have a new blog entry?

      Strangely, I’ve always kept on the down-low, which has both negative and positive consequences (depending on how much of an exhibitionist I feel like at the moment).

      Any thoughts?

      Archive of My Life

      It took some time, but I have most of the online journal archives in one place.  Reading through all my old thoughts, I finally grasped how far I’ve come.  Sometimes I cringed.  Other times, I just laughed at my immaturity.  And still other times, I feel sad for the girl who didn’t seem to have much hope.

      If only I knew then what I knew now.


      By the way, I am also working with WordPress to cross-post to my other journal sites.   This way, everyone can catch up to what’s going on in my life (when I actually update).