Kismet – 10 Years

It’s fitting that I end this less-than-stellar week with a Stars Align concert. In the ten years I have been following all the different permutations of this band, I have changed so much. All the ups and downs, it seems that this band has been the background soundtrack to it all.

I wouldn’t find myself here if it wasn’t for this music, this band. They were the glimmer of hope I had when things were really bad.  And my touchstone, even now.

So, I’m off for some good music with some good friends.  And maybe I’ll find my happiness along the way.

Stars Align

Neve Genius

Every now and then…

I get this desire to just disappear. Delete every trace of me that ever existed.  See what happens.  See if anyone really noticed, or even cared.

It’s selfish.  And unfair.

But sometimes, I just feel so non-existent that I want to make that true.

What stops me is the fear that what I am feeling really is true.  That what I do in my life really doesn’t impact anyone.  That I don’t really change anything.  It’s the fear of being forgotten that prevents me from disappearing.

And I’m so afraid of the day when that fear is no longer there. … What will stop me then?