“I’m Running on Empty”

“how do I slow down? / I can’t relate to my heart now / I’ve thrown what I know ( is it enough of me?) out “

I’m emotionally drained right now.

I think I’ll disappear,  in my head, in the air
for a chance to feel, so far … far away from here
I know I can’t stay too long
… I don’t belong here …

Archive of My Life

It took some time, but I have most of the online journal archives in one place.  Reading through all my old thoughts, I finally grasped how far I’ve come.  Sometimes I cringed.  Other times, I just laughed at my immaturity.  And still other times, I feel sad for the girl who didn’t seem to have much hope.

If only I knew then what I knew now.


By the way, I am also working with WordPress to cross-post to my other journal sites.   This way, everyone can catch up to what’s going on in my life (when I actually update).