Quarter-Century: The Obligatory Post

It’s been 25 years of life for me (well almost or already, depending on how you count the days and hours), and I will admit that I did not expect most of what has happened.  But you really anticipate what’s going to happen; you just have to go with what’s given to you.  And maybe that’s how I my life will play out.  Truth be told, I really don’t mind.

Classes start tomorrow.  Although the timing was something to be desired (who wants their birthday to be the first day of school?), I am still happy at the thought of returning to the grindstone.  I found law school to be the place I needed to be at this point in my life.  So maybe it’s not so bad that it falls on my quarter-century-of-life day.

I’m happy with my life right now.  It’s all good.  Go figure with all the complaints I’ve had along the way.