Barely Treading Water

I love learning about the law.  From learning the different rules to how to bend them, I love learning about the law.  It’s almost instinctive for me; the logic of it all makes my brain fire up.

But I am also extremely frustrated right now.  Most of it is caused by the impending finals and my inability to write good essays during exams.

I keep getting the same feedback – I know the law, I know the rules; I just need to apply them and explain my conclusions.  The only problem is that I over-analyze too much in my head that I don’t know where to start.  I second guess myself when I’m writing out a problem.  I back-track.  I keep coming up with different permutations of the same issue.  And I take too long.

Yesterday, I spent 8 hours on writing out a Contracts problem.  EIGHT hours.  That is not including the amount of time I spent on it today.  Sadly to say, I still haven’t finished it.  I’m only skimming the surface, at this point.

I’m frustrated because I know that it’s all in my head.  It’s all in there, I just cannot figure out a way to get it out.

And the fact that I’m getting hung up on this – it’s taking away valuable time for me to actually review all the material from the past semester (and the past year for a couple of classes).  I’m running out of time and I’m afraid that my performance in my exams will be very disappointing.

It would be so easy right now to just let myself drown.  But I know I can’t… it’s my dream to learn this stuff.

I just wish I had more time.