Funny Thing – Time

I wish it were possible to pause time.  Long enough to enjoy the great moments and to catch up on all things I set aside in order to be there for those moments.  However, I would not trade those great moments for anything and they were worth every single sacrifice.

This past Sunday was amazing.  I spent it with a group of amazing people; people who genuinely care about the same thing that I care about, who support me, who love me, and who keep me sane when I drive myself crazy.  This is a group of people that I share some of the most amazing moments of my life.  These are the time when I wish I could pause time.  Right there.  Never grow up, never grow old, never say goodbye.

But something about the day just seemed as if everything was winding down and coming to an end for me.  I’ll stay involved; it’d be hard not to.  However, a part of me knows that I need to let go.  For more than a year, I was involved in something fun and exciting and new.  Unfortunately, I forgot that my life’s path is heading in a different direction.  And I cannot keep ignoring that.  I have to unpause.


I am aware that many of my posts here are about real life and my aversion to live it.  This seems to be one of the few places where I feel comfortable in talking about my fears and my insecurities.  Not that I am hiding it from anyone, but something about being under the cover of a place I can actually call my own makes it unique.