Saturday August 27, 2005

The City of Angels

Cruising by,
watching the light-blue
sky sea blending into horizon.

Sky-rises interrupting
green brown hills.

The famous walk with the ordinary
and even the homeless
have an ocean view.

[This is extremely rough, but I just had to get these words down for the moment.  Will re-edit later.]

torture: part i


“Do you still love her,”
I ask without wanting
to know the answer.

And yet I remain curious
masochistic, pained.
I long for his answer
as I long for him.

I want to find something
to connect to so I can
justify what I feel.

But it never comes,
and the conversation

And I go back into
my lonely world wishing
to be a part of his.

[a poem]

Passing Days

You were my yesterday,
a dream left behind
and long forgotten.

And I wake up today,
forever lost in space
and long forsaken.

But the hope of future days,
to find our peace,
we still keep sacred.

[a writing]

A little bit of imagination

“This is it, isn’t it?”
“Yeah.  Still won’t come with me?”
“I can’t.”
“Well, I had to try.”
“You know…I never expected to be your soul mate.  It’s not what I wanted.  I just wanted time.”
“It seems that the timing has never been right between us, has it?”
“No, it seems not.  Goodbye.”